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Government / NGO

Cryptophone Use Case

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Use Case - Government / NGO

Governments and NGO’s need to run large, complex communication networks that must provide reliable platforms for classified information. They face the challenge of fulfilling their mission in the face of difficult environmental conditions and limited resources, all the while needing to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of communications among their staff.

A Department of Foreign Affairs, for example, must rely on a global trans-national network to transport sensitive information between the Department at home and embassies and missions around the world.

Many of these will be capable of communicating over multiple communication channels including satellite. In addition, in each country, the local embassy needs to be able to communicate securely with the ambassador’s residence, travelling attachés, and other staff members – and they need to be able to consult with officials at home using a secure line.

While the military often operate from a fixed base, many of their soldiers deployed in the field must perform their work in remote areas or under conditions in which they cannot rely on a local network infrastructure.

To meet these needs, ESD America can provide a comprehensive secure communications system that is customized to a client’s individual requirements.

Cryptophone Use Case Government and NGO

Example Setup:

  • Global Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is individually customized to the client’s needs and that supports a multitude of communication channels, including satellite.
  • Secure calls from the Department’s ISDN or Voice over IP PBX system to fixed-line and mobile users in the diplomatic service, whether in the home country, in an embassy abroad, or member of a temporary mission using the GSMK/Sirrix PBX Gateway.
  • Secure calls and secure messaging from an embassy to the ambassador’s residence, the military attaché, and other staff using the Cryptophone IP-19 secure fixed-line phone and the Cryptophone 500i.
  • Secure calls to and from agents in remote areas without GSM coverage using either the Cryptophone IP-19 together with a BGAN satellite terminal.

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