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Use Case - Corporate Security

In a global economy, business success requires information to be exchanged securely and reliably across network borders. International corporations face the challenge of securing a global network of branches, departments, subsidiaries, partners and project teams around the world.

Whether the challenge is to manage a global supply chain, protect periodic R&D conference calls across continents, or consult with dispatched project teams in remote areas, Cryptophone Australia can provide a secure communications solution which will allow you to concentrate on your business knowing that company confidential information and trade secrets remain just that – confidential.

Cryptophone Use Case Corporate Security

Example Setup:

  • Mobile voice and message encryption for travelling executives and road warriors: Cryptophone 500i
  • Secure calls between different locations in multiple countries using the corporate PBX system: GSMK/Sirrix PBX Gateway
  • Fixed-line voice encryption for detached project teams using the Cryptophone IP-19 secure IP Desk Phone.
  • Satellite voice encryption for communication with project teams in remote areas, aboard oil rigs, boats, and aircraft: GSMK CryptoPhone 500i in combination with BGAN satellite terminal.
  • All Cryptophones in this scenario are fully interoperable with each other, allowing for encrypted calls mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed-line, mobile to satellite, etc.

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