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A walk down the street won’t just get you a badly needed breath of fresh air, it will also demonstrate that most people are completely technology dependent beyond any hope of recovery.

It’s like walking through a horde of zombies, most people having their heads buried deep into a mobile device, probably only sticking to the paved areas thanks to a GPS navigation system or by having the camera switched on. I know, because I looked up once from my own phone to take look.

Turns out that this addiction isn’t bad just for your health or your social skills, you could also win a free ride in a police car. Three teenagers found that out the hard way after they took a Jeep Renegade that wasn’t theirs for a ride.

The whole debacle took place last year, on November 22, when this group of youngsters broke into a house and stole a bicycle, while also happening to stumble upon the keys to a Jeep Renegade. Not being very clear on what constitutes an accepted behaviour, the three decided to take the car for a spin, and so they did. A few days later, they abandoned the vehicle in a fairly good state after the gas in the tank was spent.

The owner of the house they broke into and the car they stole is known on Twitter as @BaconIsFruit and works as a system administrator. He had a Nest camera installed in his house, so he could watch the three as they rampaged around looking for something worth their time. He took the footage to the police who, a couple of weeks later, identified one of juvenile offenders with help from a school police officer, but after he was apprehended, he refused to give up the identity of the other two.

The story took a new twist after @BaconIsFruit got his car back from the shop. Apparently the three thieves weren’t happy with just listening to the radio, so they paired their phones to the vehicle’s UConnect system. They just couldn’t help themselves.

With the owner working in the cyber-security field, he began searching online for clues with the help of his colleagues. Soon enough, the name of one of the phones was found to match a profile on Instagram belonging to a Baltimore teen, and one of the contacts in his list matched another one of the three phones. Bingo.

ArsTechnica says that the police have jumped in on the line and are now following these two new leads.

Hot Tip: FLIGHT MODE is your friend.