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Not All Encrypted Smart Phones Are Created Equal

CryptoPhone secure mobile phone for professional users with 360° protection, hardened operating system, Baseband Firewall, tamper-resistant hardware and end-to-end voice and message encryption.

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CryptoPhone Secure Features

What’s inside the most secure Android phone on the market

Voice Encryption

Secure end-to-end encrypted voice over IP calls on any network – GSM, 3G, 4G, WLAN

Secure Messaging

Based on the same strong encryption algorithms used for GSMK CryptoPhone voice encryption


Baseband Firewall

Unique protection against over-the-air attacks with constant basband activity monitoring

Device Protection

Control access to the network, data and sensors like the camera and microphone

Baseband Firewall 2.0 for detecting attacks.

Unique protection against over-the-air attacks with constant monitoring of baseband processor activity.

Baseband attack detection and initiation of counter-measures


Automatic discovery of IMSI Catchers and rogue base stations


Detection of attempts to track user location via SS7 or silent SMS

Some phones promise privacy… Cryptophone delivers intelligence.

The premier choice of governments, NGOs, international organizations, and global enterprises.

Device Security

Hardened operating system with secure boot and device runtime integrity checks.

Secure Android OS built from source code with granular security management and streamlined, security-optimized components and communication stacks.

Configurable OS security profiles


Baseband Firewall 2.0


Tamper-resistant, tamper-evident design

Protecting Your Communications From The Dangers Of Cyberspace

Supports the highest FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria security level requirements

Secure Contacts

Secure contact and call history time-line

App Permission Enforcement

Control access to network, data and sensors (camera, mic etc)

Detect Location Tracking

Detect attempts to track user location via SS7 or silent SMS

Hardened Android

Secure Android built from source with granular security controls

Secure Storage

Encrypted storage system for contacts, messages and notes

Emergency Erase

Last line of defense emergency erase function

Take control of your privacy today

Secure calls and messages on any network – GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, WLAN